Thursday, December 5, 2019

One Stop I.T. Software Company in Kuala Lumpur

OKiT247 is an I.T. Solutions Provider company from Kuala Lumpur (KL), providing web design, seo services, cloud technologies services etc. We offer a myriad array of I.T. solution services in Kuala Lumpur (KL), specializing in large scale deployment of online infrastructure services. Our years of experience enabled innovative solutions and endless possibilities in crafting the best the industry can offer in terms of value for our customers.

Web Development At Scale

Crafting some of the most innovative technologies focusing in areas of cloud security and infrastructure deployment for high traffic websites. We do website design from Johor Bahru, web based programming, web based mobile application development using PWA with AMP etc.

"We are continually improving our services to be better."

~ Sam W. - Founder

One Stop Software Company

From reducing implementation costs to increasing sales and improving customer loyalty, we provide customized software development that can do it all. We offer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, and customized software development tools to reduce your implementation costs and increase overall deployment efficiencies in the long run.

Innovation Focused

Our years of research and development has enabled many state of the art, modern technologies implementation included with our cloud offerings. With our patented solutions in areas of big data and search technologies, we helped small medium enterprises and multi-national corporations achieve higher return of investment for their I.T. project deployment.

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Cloud Computing



Good response from our website. Very good impact. Just upgraded the website again.


IT Point Shop

Within 2 months of site launch, itpointshop.com ranks number 1 in this country’s state on keywords related to computers, saving me hundreds in advertising costs online.

Irfan Muhammad

Via Global

Have been using their service for 1 year and my website manage to be on the 1st page at google search!

Alan Kwek

Support Service

Very responsive customer service support. Great teamwork!

Sau Keng Yong

Service Provider

BCZ .com is the best service provider. I would recommend this place at all.

Feona Dion

Self Hosted

Great website to build self hosted blog or website. I’m blogging with this website from long time

Michael Delaney