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Sale Of Refurbished Hardware

It is worth weighing up whether it makes more sense to buy new or used equipment. Refurbished products continue to work in exactly the same way for years to come so that users don’t have to make any compromises. Whereas the use of used equipment has a long-proven tradition in other industries (medicine, aircraft manufacturing, etc.) as well as in private life, the concept is still in its infancy in the IT sector.

Let us convince you of the countless advantages to be gained by using refurbished products. Ecologically, saving potential and quality no doubt play a key role for you and your enterprise. Buy your refurbished hardware from us and you will also reap the following benefits:

Low prices

Refurbished hardware is much less expensive than new equipment. Profit from unbelievable saving potential.

1-year warranty

We have every confidence in our quality and therefore give you a 1-year warranty on the hardware we refurbish.

Fast delivery

Unlike new equipment, our used hardware can be delivered within a few days.

OKiT247 also provides quality industry grade network devices. We provide network devices to our clients as well as setting up routers, proxy servers and firewalls. A business’s most important aspect is to have the best network security.

OKiT247 specialises in the sale of network systems. We have a wide range of refurbished and new devices (routers, switches, etc.) as well as components from well-known manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Alcatel and HP. We will be happy to help you assemble your system and answer any questions you may have.

  • Provide confidence to your customers when they use your network.
  • Trust our experts as they will guide you from the start to the end of configuring your business’s network hardware.

We offer recognized and trusted brands like, Tenda, TP-Link, Cisco and etc.

We deliver a wide range of advanced networking solutions. Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective and complete network solutions to meet all your business needs.

OKiT247 provides networking solutions and cares. We offer a wide range of advanced solutions for your networking dilemmas. In today’s modern world, communications through digital network has become crucial and the core component of every good business. Our mission is to provide a complete and cost effective network solutions and cares.

OKiT247 Believes In…


Delivering world-class customer service and technical support are not goals: they are part of how OKiT247 does business.


OKiT247 honours its word and delivers on its promises. OKiT247 earns the trust of customers, partners and employees through actions every day.


As markets and demands evolve, OKiT247 remains ahead of the curve, expanding its portfolio of solutions to meet the needs of customers today and tomorrow.


Everything bearing the OKiT247 name meets the highest industry standards.


Value is the combination of quality, efficacy, and a fair price. At OKiT247, it also includes related services, such as our industry-leading training and education programs.


We do things in a manner that is socially responsible and devote appropriate resources and energies in CSR activities close to our heart.

We offer a comprehensive range of High-Performance, Open and Scalable Solutions for a total Network Infrastructure